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  The American Kestrel is a tiny powerhouse of a falcon; the smallest in North America. This stealthy hunter can be found along the edge of open fields, where it will hover overhead until tucking into a streaking dive...its prey having little chance of escape. Unusually colorful for a raptor, seeing one of these beauties in the field is a true delight. 


       This beautiful collage begins as a hand cut lino block that is inked and run through an etching press. The embossed image is then hand painted with professional, lightfast watercolors; and the background meticulously cut and removed. A new background is constructed using layers of paper made from natural fiber and plant material.  Finally, everything is collaged together to complete the work.


       Artwork is museum mounted using an acid free mat and backing material, ready for framing. Mat is sized to fit a standard 8"X10" frame.

American Kestrel

SKU: AK002
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