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The Pryor Mountains of Montana and Wyoming are home to a herd of wild Mustangs that dates back nearly 200 years.  Descendants of Colonial Spanish horses, it is believed they were brought to the area by members of the Crow tribe.  This series pays tribute to the inhabitants of this amazingly diverse landscape, both past and present. 


This unique, one of a kind vessel is hand thrown on the pottery wheel. After being fired in a raku kiln to almost 1800 degrees, the pot is removed from the kiln and hair from a horse's mane and tail are burned into the bare clay. Because there is no post fire reduction in a smoke filled chamber like traditional raku, the clay stays white, except for where the hair has carbonized into the surface. 


 This particular vessel is highlighted with a beautiful mottled red accent on the top, which is also enhanced with horse hair. 

8.75"w X 8.25"h

"Pryor Mountain" Series

SKU: 10618
  • Care of Raku Pottery

    The raku process is considered a low fire process, therefore the ware is not food safe or watertight.  You should not use live cut flowers or anything requiring water in this vessel.  Some people opt for dried or silk flowers, while most just enjoy the pottery for the beautiful artwork that it is!

       Clean with a soft dry cloth or duster

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