Kaji is a Japanese term that generally referes to uncontrolled fire; a fitting description for both the appearance and process of this piece.

     This is a handmade, wheel thrown vessel fired using the raku process. Raku pottery is fired to a temperature in excess of 1800 degrees, at which time the still red hot pottery is removed from the kiln and immediately placed in a container full of combustibles. The ensuing inferno is then snuffed out with a tight fitting lid. Any remaining oxygen is immediately burned away, leaving an oxygen deprived atmosphere. It is at this time that the rich colors and textures associated with raku develop. While the artist can "guide" their results with the materials used in glaze development and variations in the firing process, raku is, at best...random! No two pieces are ever alike.

This item:
     9.25w x 6.75h


     The raku process is considered a low fire process, meaning that the ware is not watertight. Therefore you should not use live cut flowers or anything requiring water. Some people opt for dried or silk flowers, while most just enjoy the pottery for the beautiful artwork that it is!

"Kazan" Raku Bottle

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