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 This one of a kind jar was hand thrown on the wheel, then fired in a raku kiln using the saggar method. Bisque fired ware is coated with ferric chloride, an acid typically used to etch PC boards and copper. The piece is then wrapped in heavy foil containing various salts, sugar, seaweed, wire, etc. The package is then fired to approximately 1300 degrees before being removed and cooled. After cleaning, each piece is hand rubbed with a wax based finish.


Dimensions are 9" wide by 7.25" high.


     This is a "low fire" technique, therefore the ware is not waterproof, and should not be used with liquids or live flowers. It is perfectly OK to use silk or dried flowers if you so desire, though most collectors prefer to simply enjoy the piece as it is.

"Four Corners" Saggar Fired Jar

SKU: 15217
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