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Southwest Native American lore states that when the rains fell, the people danced and their tears of joy mixed with the rain; seeping into the earth to become turquoise. "Fallen Sky Stone" has been revered by many cultures, believing in it's power to protect and provide good health. 


   This one of a kind vessel was hand thrown on the wheel. After an initial firing, the piece is glazed with up to five different glazes, then fired using the raku process. Once up to tempurature, the vessel is removed and placed directly in a container of flammable materials. With flames raging, the container is sealed, robbing the fire of needed oxygen. During this period of reduction, the final colors bloom into what you see here.   


     The shoulder of this bottle has been hand carved with a geometric design, some elements then being glazed, while the rest was left as raw clay.  



"Fallen Sky Stone"

SKU: 11619
  • The raku process is considered a low fire process, therefore the ware is not food safe or watertight.  You should not use live cut flowers or anything requiring water in this vessel.  Some people opt for dried or silk flowers, while most just enjoy the pottery for the beautiful artwork that it is!

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