The Cerrillos Hills of New Mexico are the sight of North America's oldest turquoise mines. Material extracted from this area by the Anasazi has been found in Chaco Canyon, dating back to 900 B.C. Often refered to as "Sky Stone", the stunning blue/green streaks of turquoise stood out garishly against the red and grey earth of the American Southwest. The cultural importance of turquoise to the native populations of the Southwest can not be overstated, and Cerrillos Hills was one of the largest contributors to the vast trade network that supplied them. I pay homage to this important site in this collection of pottery. Veins of turquoise glaze cut through the earth tone surface of the vessels, mimicking the raw beauty of the stone.


Size: 7.5w" X 8.75"h 


 This is a "low fire" technique, therefore the ware is not waterproof, and should not be used with liquids or live flowers. It is perfectly OK to use silk or dried flowers if you so desire, though most collectors prefer to simply enjoy the piece as it is

"Cerrillos Hills" Raku Vessel

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